Durahold Rug Pad

Durahold Rug Pad is the original non slip rug pad made in the USA. Durahold is a felt rug rubber rug pad used under rugs on all floors. It protects rug and floor from wear and damage.

durahold rug pad

Durahold Rug Pad contains a unique texture within the rubber and felt surfaces to provide maximum protection and non slip function to any area rug.

Durahold Rug Pad is one of the oldest rug pads made in the USA. It is manufactured by the No-Muv Company. Durahold can be used under area rugs, oriental rugs, Persian rugs and all types of rugs. It can be safely used on hardwood, laminate, tile, marble, concrete and all hard floors. Unlike other rug pads, Durahold contains only natural rubber against the floor that will not cause damage. The rug pad is 1/4″ thick and is made in a 45 ounce density to prevent much resistance to rug and floor.

Durahold Rug Pad was once available only through finer rug specialty stores. The stores would stock it in actual rolls and cut each rug pad to the specific size of each area rug it is to be used for. Rug stores, interior designers and architects would offer Durahold rug pad for use under higher quality handmade rugs. Unlike most other rug pads, Durahold was not offered as already cut and packaged product. If you wanted a Durahold rug pad, it would need to be cut to size from the rolls. Since that time, Durahold has become increasingly popular among consumers and has become more readily available. Still in the same form offered as rolls, Durahold is now stocked in more stores. That being said, there are still thousands of stores that will not offer Durahold because they prefer to stock packaged rug pads that are easier to put on shelves until they sell.

We understand that the brick and mortar stores that used to stock rolls of Durahold rug pad are dwindling and turning to more of the packed imported rug pads. Durahold rug pad is now available online through a few companies that have taken their brick and mortar business to the Internet. With this introduction to the Internet comes more competitive pricing to make Durahold rug pad offered at some of the lowest prices in its history. In our long history in the rug and rug pad industry, we truly have not seen prices of Durahold rug pad at this level.

“We are very happy to be able to offer genuine Durahold Rug Pad at very affordable prices”, states Sam of www.duraholdrugpads.com. “This means more people will have the benefit of Durahold protection under their rugs and this makes us very happy.” Sam continues to state that Durahold is such a quality rug pad that there are stories of stores actually calling some rug pads Durahold when they are actually not genuine Durahold. This is due to the immense reputation of quality and longevity related to Durahold rug pad. The problem lies in the fact that if it is not genuine Durahold, then it will not perform and protect as it should. Based on this, it is important for consumers to know what separates Durahold from others and to know who is an actual authorized Durahold rug pad retailer.

Aesthetically, Durahold Rug Pad differs from others in a few ways. It contains a unique texture within the felt and rubber surfaces like no other. It contains a purple colored rubber when others are mainly gray. In terms of construction, Durahold differs from others in a very significant way. It contains a finer rubber and more of it. It does not contain any glue or adhesive and it is made in the USA. All things considered, Durahold is by far the standard to which all others are made by, yet no other rug pad can duplicate it because it carries a United States Patent for its design.

Buy Durahold Rug Pad from an authorized dealer. There are many online stores that carry felt and rubber rug pads, so we cautiously now state the authorized resellers of genuine Durahold Rug Pad. These stores are www.duraholdrugpads.com, www.bestrugpads.com and www.onlyrugpads.com. There is no particular reason for the order in which we list these stores, as they all offer great prices, free shipping and custom cutting on all Durahold orders. Buying your next Durahold Rug Pad from one of these listed stores will prove to be a sound purchase. Visit the directory source for USA rug pads to learn more about stores.

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